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  • Thu, 12:56: RT @TheSarahShay: I heard there are cultures where mountains are referenced to using different pronouns, depending on mineral content. Like…
  • Thu, 22:50: RT @TheBabylonBee: Man In Critical Condition After Hearing Slightly Differing Viewpoint https://t.co/FbHEYqGL9j
  • Thu, 22:51: RT @MicroSFF: All the swords taken from the conquered were gathered. "Take these," the emperor said, "and make me a bed." "For whom?" the a…
  • Thu, 22:52: RT @LunarJade: 💖LIVE💖 Running around a place made of cardboard. Time to check out Yoshi’s Crafted World! 📦📦📦📦📦 https://t.co/6VdcXpflFz h…
  • Thu, 22:52: RT @the_moviebob: A horse walks into a bar. The bartender, surprised, says "Hey!" The horse says "That's a stereotype, I'll do the sliders…
  • Thu, 23:57: RT @WakeUpSuper: Trying to explain to someone why you love wrestling for the stories feels like I'm trying to justify watching porn for the…
  • Thu, 23:58: RT @Noahpinion: Internet Guy: Where was the sci-fi future I was promised? Me: Star Trek says we have massive riots in 2024 and a nuclear h…
  • Thu, 23:59: RT @katherinespack: Please enjoy out of context: the single most powerful image I've ever seen in a PowerPoint presentation https://t.co/xK
  • Fri, 00:00: RT @LuisSalvatto: Say hi to God-Eternal Rhonas!! This is my set preview! Probably this guy will punish me a lot in the future, haha! #mtgwa
  • Fri, 00:00: RT @LRRbot: Obey Heather.
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    Sat, 14:27: RT @ SpiritofLenin: https://t.co/qMC62gyV5C https://t.co/0l2DxM5hEd Sat, 14:28: RT @ MrGeorgeWallace: Who the hell named…

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    Fri, 15:09: RT @ Spac3Gh0s7_: Can you fucking vultures at least wait for the body to be cold before jumping on our trauma holy shit…

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    Thu, 18:26: RT @ jaytholen: ok i guess i'll make a more direct quote tweet and say that it sucks that PUBG have stolen Hypnospace's name to…

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