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Michael Moore
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Michael Moore [userpic]
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  • Sun, 09:17: RT @tobymorton: Due to legal restrictions I’m unable to name names. Today I was chosen to rewrite a comedic script. The writer before me w…
  • Sun, 09:20: RT @emrazz: What the fuck is a consensual rape https://t.co/oL9WMCl8Nw
  • Sun, 09:22: RT @AOCoffice: The worst part about bartending was how the boss made us all pool our tips at the end of the night. No matter how hard you…
  • Sun, 09:30: This guy is so right, but not in the way he thinks. He and those in power think they're on the "smart" side. https://t.co/fqeSO82n0B
  • Sun, 10:06: Genuinely upset that someone had the audacity to go through the cars in the neighborhood last night. >:-( Nothing… https://t.co/3xaJVwPZbY
  • Sun, 10:08: RT @LRRbot: "I get that you miss your girlfriend and everything, but that's just too many skulls" —Paul
  • Sun, 10:08: RT @alexsteacy: Somebody on this bus has steampunk goggles around their neck with gears IN THE LENSES, rendering them functionless. I can…
  • Sun, 10:09: RT @sergeyager: What a flattering photo of me furiously composing my own tweet. Behold the streamer in his natural habitat... That gloriou…
  • Sun, 10:10: RT @meaganrosae: we stan a legend https://t.co/gU60ogPGpz
  • Sun, 10:21: RT @nildraws: Today my best friend found out that, unbeknownst to her, this image of Ian Beale has been her profile picture for her profess…