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I'm watching the new episode of Enterprise

I like 2 things so far. First, I like the new, upbeat version of the theme song. Second, I like the new aliens. One of them looks like a giant ant-like bug. Another looks like a sort of snakeish mermaid.

The way this looks, it looks like this "council" will grow up to be the "Think Tank" from Voyager.

T'Pol looks better with this new haircut. She's got a new wardrobe, too. This looks better than her old styles.

The rescue sequence was cool. They made the special ops team look so realistic. They must have studied and trained for that for a while. It looks quite realistic.

Whoo! Hot T'Pol! She disrobes! On camera! We ALMOST get to see something! *gets mental images*

The asteroid field is quite cool.

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