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  • Mon, 14:36: RT @Mistah_FixIt: First day at new job. Our head of security is referred to as The Captain. He has an honest-to-god leather Tricorn Hat.
  • Mon, 14:36: RT @loadingreadyrun: Hey! This may not affect you in any way BUT: We’re adding YouTube Memberships as a third option (beyond Patreon & Twi…
  • Mon, 14:50: RT @dixonij: Holy shit I thought I had 2FA active on my Nintendo account but it wasn't anymore and I just had it hacked and my @AskPayPal a…
  • Mon, 14:52: RT @stealingzen: pro tip: lying to yourself is still lying and hurts other people you care about
  • Mon, 14:53: RT @bamafangrl: Do y’all remember, before the internet, that people thought the cause of stupidity was the lack of access to information? Y…
  • Mon, 14:58: RT @shadowspar: @0xabad1dea oh geez yes this. friend of mine used to work with students coming into University residences. their parents we…
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    Fri, 12:10: RT @ Prokaryota: We all know it's true 😤 https://t.co/j1KNbwWpTA Fri, 12:11: RT @ ghirapurigears: I hope mdfcs go back to…

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    Fri, 00:59: RT @ Graham_LRR: In prep for tomorrow’s #LRRSTX Pre-prerelease, I’ve opened a bunch of Strixhaven product. And while I know a lot…

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    Wed, 19:46: RT @ TrekGeekBill: "OMG, THOSE NEW DISCOVERY UNIFORMS Are JUST TOO FORMAL. ThAt'S nOt StAr TrEk!!!!!" 🤦‍♂️ https://t.co/OqKEVshNNP…

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