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  • Wed, 09:50: RT @DiddlyDonger: Twitch dot tv; where you can stream games that include heavily sexualised female characters & outfits but you’re not allo…
  • Wed, 09:51: RT @goodbyecomputer: i hate games that go "oh you're picking easy? you're picking fucking easy? the child mode? are you a fucking baby? fuc…
  • Wed, 09:52: RT @Nash076: This is not Tech Jesus. This is a brat who's had money his entire life, and hasn't invented anything. https://t.co/kTqzOXQXtQ
  • Wed, 09:56: RT @dm_cross: Them: Sultai is such a crappy wedge, it's just good stuff and all of the decks do the same thing. Me, an intellectual: https:…
  • Wed, 09:56: RT @johnabates: Student loan organizations, here’s a free tip: if you want to seem less like a scam you should probably stop having the sam…
  • Wed, 09:57: RT @goawaytony: Client: We accept the risks of you testing in prod. Me: https://t.co/VUnrIw8dKT
  • Wed, 09:57: RT @korvys: My favourite podcast app has gone from a 1-time-purchase for extra features ($10, for a syncing web player, and some other stuf…
  • Wed, 09:57: RT @Hotliquidjello: Adult brain won't shush and let me watch D20 gotta find a good kitchen scraps bin, and instead I found my new mantra h…
  • Wed, 09:58: RT @sturdyAlex: Voter: “The NHS is being destroyed, it’s being destroyed and you come here for a press opportunity?” Johnson: “There’s no p…
  • Wed, 09:58: RT @elwa: After all this time, where have I been? https://t.co/rdqNIo6Vl8
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