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  • Mon, 10:05: RT @confusedophan: someone please explain to me why teenagers apparently deserve less compensation for their labour? why are people saying…
  • Mon, 10:24: RT @DesertBus: If you're of the sniping persuasion, you may be interested to know that there's less than an hour left on our current #DB201
  • Mon, 10:26: RT @thenewstarship: Remembering the Real WW2 Star Trek veterans. Roddenberry, Kelley, Doohan and Nimoy (goofing with a mop in the photo) h…
  • Mon, 10:26: RT @ajacobson921: Hi. Scientist who studies this. This is an endosome, full of stuff from the extracellular environment. This is not an e…
  • Mon, 10:31: RT @SlenderSherbet: Someone didn't think this through at all. 📹: Imgur user RomeyRoone09 https://t.co/zRHMs5Uvcg
Tags: #db, #db2, #db201, #db2019, #googletranslatesmtg, #mtg, #mtgarena, #sketchbook, #thedrivetogolive, twitter

  • Guess what?

    I just helped out the Brad Fitzpatrick out on a Tech Support issue. Yes... brad, the creator of LiveJournal. Awesome.

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    Wed, 23:48: AdmrlMemo was defeated by fruity99 in combat! @ HuntedCow

  • My tweets

    Wed, 00:48: AdmrlMemo was defeated by Badpenny in combat! @ HuntedCow

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