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  • Sun, 05:00: RT @ChrisHallbeck: It’s interesting watching the use of the word “boomer” quickly expand into describing anyone starting at around 10 years…
  • Sun, 05:06: RT @SusanArendt: If you believe this or we’re raised to believe this, PLEASE do not adopt a dog. https://t.co/1z4f9zdHBc
  • Sun, 05:12: RT @JoshSeefried: Everyone is doing the 10 year challenge! Here’s one: 2009 minimum wage: $7.25 2019 minimum wage: $7.25
  • Sun, 05:12: RT @ChrisHallbeck: Actually it’s more of “Anyone that makes a reference to something that happened that I’m not old enough to remember.” I’…
  • Sun, 05:14: RT @ManaCurves: There’s this guy at my LGS who is such a bad winner/loser. He’s very rude, won’t calculate lethal, and will play a card and…
  • Sun, 05:15: RT @JCtheMythic: @ManaCurves We all know this guy. Even responses line "no it isn't" or "oh" don't work. Maybe just wait and if he cleans…
  • Sun, 05:18: RT @Velkairiwyth: @ManaCurves When he says and that's game you should say thank you, shake hands and report his concession. 👍
  • Sun, 05:20: RT @adamconover: The biggest myth about homelessness is that it’s inevitable. The truth is that we can end it, if we care enough to truly t…
  • Sun, 05:25: RT @GamerTakes: https://t.co/nHoQ90Yrpv
  • Sun, 05:25: RT @TheZagle: I will no longer be tweeting about cute bakery girl. After an emotional discussion we have both come to the decision that it…
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    Fri, 00:59: RT @ Graham_LRR: In prep for tomorrow’s #LRRSTX Pre-prerelease, I’ve opened a bunch of Strixhaven product. And while I know a lot…

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    Wed, 19:46: RT @ TrekGeekBill: "OMG, THOSE NEW DISCOVERY UNIFORMS Are JUST TOO FORMAL. ThAt'S nOt StAr TrEk!!!!!" 🤦‍♂️ https://t.co/OqKEVshNNP…

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    Tue, 12:04: RT @ HazelMonforton: Turns out adderall doesn't work if you don't take it. Wild. Tue, 12:09: RT @ doctorow: An employer's…

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