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  • Wed, 16:35: RT @loadingreadyrun: Attention fans of funny boys playing very dumb games! Watch+Play returns at 2PM Pacific TODAY! Join Graham and Alex at…
  • Wed, 23:02: @alexsteacy Nintendo Power Magazine https://t.co/nv4RGH07VC
  • Thu, 06:42: RT @KenVid02: Stream will be delayed a bit as I have to take care of something first, but it will happen
  • Thu, 06:44: RT @CelticAnarchy: a general truckers' strike of literally just two days will bring the entire US retail system to its knees because litera…
  • Thu, 06:45: RT @bad_dominicana: woman: is raped and murdered for ignoring a catcaller (happens all the time tbh) men: well maybe if she'd been more po…
  • Thu, 06:45: RT @_mooriarty: googled something irrelevant because it kept bugging me: there's no perfect horse in BotW, the stats aren't randomised, th…
  • Thu, 06:46: RT @azninsect: So apparently the Valve Steam Controller is being sold for $5 + Shipping...🤔
  • Thu, 07:02: RT @Hanna_Jameson: I was explaining US healthcare to my mum and she asked 'So what happens when people get cancer and they can't afford tre…
  • Thu, 07:03: RT @FoldableHuman: At the risk of being Old Man Yells At Clouds, it's 2019, The Future™, and somehow our music-listening technology has got…
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