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Actually, these things happened some time ago, but I never put them in my LJ.

First, I'm out of babysitting temporarily. Mrs. Gemma's daughter, who was living with her father, then her uncle, showed up at Mrs. Gemma's doorstep a few days ago with just the clothes on her back. Well, she's like 16 and she can take care of KJ at night, so that frees me up. However, since Mrs. Gemma had to get stuff for her, my payment is going to be delayed for about 2 weeks. That's no big deal for me, since the money was never the main issue with me, as long as I get it within a reasonable time.

Second, McDonald's has issued a new policy. Now, when I'm in the back booth, I have to stay there and can't leave that area. That's quite good for me, actually. Before this, I'd get my area cleaned up, then read my book. However, they'd see me relaxing back there and get stuff for me to do, like stocking up things and whatever. However, now with the new policy (implemented for some sort of "security" reasons), they can't touch me. As long as my area's clean and I've got no cars, I can do whatever I want back there. And what I want to do is read my books.

While I'm updating, I might as well put in the 4 new books I got yesterday while at the mall with Jenny. I got the next 4 books I needed in the Xanth series: Demons Don't Dream, Harpy Thyme, Geis of the Gargoyle, and Roc and a Hard Place.

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