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  • Sun, 02:24: RT @Graham_LRR: Penelope has a Munchlax toy, and “Baa Baa Black Sheep” is in the bedtime repertoire. Tonight we mashed them together: 🎵 No…
  • Sun, 02:25: RT @Mistah_FixIt: ...mother of god... In my mind, @JacobBurgessVO 's personal computer looks exactly like this. (Please don't break this…
  • Sun, 02:25: RT @Levi_Pasma3: What if your debit/credit card had a yearly wrap up like Spotify. “You bought 243 Crunchwrap supremes in 2019” “You fre…
  • Sun, 02:26: RT @SpencerHH: Does Peloton losing $942,000,000 dollars in value because a bunch a people on the internet made fun of a tv commercial kinda…
  • Sun, 02:26: RT @LukewSavage: BREAKING: Two multimillionaire jerks think healthcare for ordinary people is "chocolate milk" https://t.co/QZsOAJhlXQ
  • Sun, 02:36: RT @AOC: Me waiting on the haters to apologize after we were proven right on Amazon and saved the public billions https://t.co/AC64pG0nZI h…
  • Sun, 02:37: RT @toniKENSAjr: for anyone who doesn't know, cause i sure as shit didn't know: slow leaves = safe to shake fast leaves = fat squirrel #Pok
  • Sun, 02:38: RT @forexposure_txt: "She should write for us for free because she is socially isolated, ill and disabled and has nothing better to occupy…
  • Sun, 02:38: RT @nieshatrout: look at this bullshit https://t.co/iMxwrYY1th
  • Sun, 02:39: RT @Whatapityonyou: “Free healthcare is like a class president offering free chocolate milk to everyone” Bitch, people are literally dying…
Tags: #paxunplugged, #pok, #startrek, #tmp, twitter

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