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  • Wed, 11:00: RT @cafernblue: i still think my favourite thing that's ever happened to me on the internet is the time a guy said "people change their min…
  • Wed, 11:01: RT @JonTetrino: Since I originally uploaded this we've had people start forest fires and crash planes for these damn things and I can only…
  • Wed, 11:02: RT @SomeRandomG33k: Perfect meme to share below a headline of "Millennials are killing the Golf Courses" Remember, golf is a bit of an ex…
  • Wed, 11:02: RT @JonTetrino: Digital preservation is important. https://t.co/KL4u8G7xzJ
  • Wed, 11:02: RT @swear_trek: https://t.co/OU884dDkRS
  • Wed, 11:03: RT @ThomasSowell: The last person to trust with power is someone who is dying to have it. The best person to wield power is someone who is…
  • Wed, 11:04: RT @FLWvideos: I hear people say all the time that Pokemon Go is a kids game, and maybe it is? I can asure though that, it is mostly adults…
  • Wed, 11:09: RT @ChillboBagginzz: I don't know who needs to hear this but "FINALLY someone with a shirt" "thanks for not being a twitch thot" are NOT co…
  • Wed, 11:10: RT @themanaleek: The "Brawlidays" way of making Brawl available whenever you want has to be one of the most ludicrous, tone-deaf things Are…
  • Wed, 11:10: RT @RealMtgNews: Magic community elated to learn Baby Yoda offered discretionary slot in Rivals League
Tags: #bandai, #gundam, #gunpla, #ripnickcanon, #twi, twitter

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