Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

My tweets

  • Wed, 15:36: RT @jamie_b818: Here's a prototype sound visualizer I made for deaf players. Wanted to try a new technique for showing where sounds are com…
  • Wed, 21:10: RT @Metox_1: Going live a bit early tonight. Metox Streams || Gunpla: New Build! My first ever Real Grade. RG Unicorn Gundam. (Day 345 of 3…
  • Wed, 21:11: RT @loadingreadyrun: A new episode of The Panalysts will arrive tomorrow, full of good news and hard hitting questions. https://t.co/UVTC24
  • Wed, 21:12: RT @MicroSFF: "Wait, you became a demon?" I took another swig of beer. "Doesn't even cost your soul." "Why? Do you have powers?" "Nope. But…
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