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  • Wed, 14:51: RT @JaimsVanDerBeek: If wrestling is fake, explain this. https://t.co/GcQoWTsLst
  • Wed, 14:54: RT @Mistah_FixIt: Oh. Fucking Awesome. 😒 https://t.co/3ns0S7gBgy
  • Wed, 14:55: RT @KippyKoshka: Girl with cleavage: EVERYONE BIG ANGY, "KEEP THOTS OFF OF TWITCH" 👎 Guy walking on a treadmill shirtless on front page: A…
  • Wed, 15:51: FYI: Stream will be delayed tonight on account of needing to help my mom with some tech stuff at church. I'll strea… https://t.co/0nvCEpyu5v
  • Wed, 15:52: RT @CFPetrella: “The housing wage in Oakland in $40.88 per hour. That means there is no housing available to working people in this city.”…
  • Wed, 15:52: RT @Foone: I plugged in a USB stick to check what was on it and it showed up as 4mb (!) of unallocated space. Now, knowing my relationship…
  • Wed, 15:55: RT @TheOnion: "As a generally noncommittal person without any firm ideas about how our government should be run, I can see a lot of myself…
  • Wed, 15:55: RT @sarahthemoose: Well fuck Remember a whole month ago when the impeachment happened? And I was working bar trivia that night, I shared m…
  • Wed, 15:55: RT @sarahthemoose: I just lost my Wednesday night gig. My only legitimate source of income. FUCK
  • Wed, 16:09: RT @Card_Kingdom: Theros Beyond Death launches next week, so to celebrate, we're giving away a Booster Box! All you have to do to enter is…
Tags: #25yearsofvoyager, #googletranslatesmtg, #mtgthb, #startrekvoyager, twitter

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