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  • Thu, 08:53: RT @sugarsh0t: this is bullshit i'm a vegetarian and my bra size isn't even on here https://t.co/FmjKgdzWTW
  • Thu, 08:54: RT @stealingzen: Super-liked a super-cute person on Tinder today, but when we matched, she didn’t show up, in my list. I did every troubles…
  • Thu, 09:16: RT @MOOMANiBE: blizzard proving just how thoroughly the WC3 mapmaker scene could never, ever have happened in today's industry https://t.co
  • Thu, 09:16: RT @Asher_Wolf: Oh. I have just received a notice that my Kid needs an iPad for school. Dammit
  • Thu, 09:17: RT @Asher_Wolf: You know when would’ve been the perfect time to inform parents they need to purchase an iPad for grade 5? Six months ago, w…
  • Thu, 09:18: RT @azninsect: @Asher_Wolf We literally have apps for both iPad and Android for pretty much everything. And a framework that can build both…
  • Thu, 09:19: RT @howardtayler: There's no tell-tale shimmer around the edges, but I'm pretty sure that's a too-small portal through which an army of Hel…
  • Thu, 09:20: RT @GrubFellow: 👓👀 Well, hello there. That's actually pretty interesting combo to bake into a GW deck. I have never seen that combo before…
  • Thu, 09:25: RT @CraigSJ: Fellas,,,, is it gay if you're straight? https://t.co/baxRBPXioh
  • Thu, 09:26: RT @SWEGTA: Listen. You specifically bought GTA IV on disc. For years you could've gotten it on Steam, but you didn't. You purchased a disc…
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    Thu, 13:33: RT @ NomeDaBarbarian: My partner has an apostrophe in her first name, something that plenty of names have. The amount of databases…

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    Wed, 16:53: RT @ Beardynoise: Mistakes were made https://t.co/8iz4wCXKmY Wed, 16:55: RT @ iMDRW: This is killing me! 🤣🤣🤣 What if he has…

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    Tue, 12:22: Yep... "undivided" attention... https://t.co/wIZBZ4LSHr Tue, 12:57: RT @ ItsVeeBot: Okay, so can someone explain the word…

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