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  • Mon, 04:55: RT @missbonekitty: artist starter pack https://t.co/74LLbLuuio
  • Mon, 05:02: RT @Foone: Have you ever wanted to plug a gigabit ethernet connection right into a m.2 socket? AGAIN, FUCK YOU, IT EXISTS https://t.co/B6g
  • Mon, 05:03: RT @Foone: so I was looking for a MicroSD to M.2 adapter (shut up, it exists, and I have reasons to want it) and I found something way more…
  • Mon, 05:03: RT @Foone: another weird thing: an SD to USB adapter. That's not weird, you get those for free with plenty of SD cards. But this one is for…
  • Mon, 05:04: RT @Foone: OH FUCK YOU https://t.co/hkuE056VP5
  • Mon, 05:04: RT @Foone: are you annoyed that your phone has the wrong size of sim card, and you have to use an adapter? Why not go the other way? all th…
  • Mon, 05:06: RT @Foone: So you can take your (let's go full silly) cell phone, and plug in a CGA card and now your android phone can run a CRT at 320x20…
  • Mon, 05:06: RT @Foone: BTW, have you ever wanted an SD to microSD adapteR? No, not the boring kind which let you use a microSD card in an SD card slot,…
  • Mon, 05:07: RT @Foone: and really, who among us hasn't wanted to have an upsidedown geforce sticking out the front of their gaming rig? https://t.co/Uh
  • Mon, 05:07: RT @Foone: but with a simple 5 step process you can now mount your PCI-E cards on the front of your computer! https://t.co/D0aFUfPknS
  • Mon, 05:07: RT @Foone: DDR4 extender! for when you need to move your DDR4 memory... away from the motherboard, because... reasons? https://t.co/K6agw3k
  • Mon, 05:08: RT @Foone: INDUSTRIAL USB FLASH DRIVE what's that mean? IT MEANS YOU CAN BOLT IT TO SOMETHING https://t.co/aa0j6kh7GS
  • Mon, 05:08: RT @Foone: these are related to the older SATA DOMs. https://t.co/gf17i9k5Kg
  • Mon, 05:09: RT @Foone: and the even older IDE DOMs https://t.co/ScV2iKz6ND
  • Mon, 05:09: RT @Foone: and the rare "USB DOM" the common name for this is just a "USB flash drive", but since it plugs right into an internal USB head…
  • Mon, 05:09: RT @Foone: here's a weird one so many questions why is there no drive why is it upside down and why is it completely passive? https://t.co/
  • Mon, 05:10: RT @Foone: fun fact: memory slots are basically just really fast I/O ports, right? So why not use them to interface with m.2 or CFast mem…
  • Mon, 05:10: RT @Foone: Here's another thing that looks similar, but it's not. See all those chips? that's too many to just be a SATA controller... and…
  • Mon, 05:10: RT @Foone: And here's another one that's weirder and weirder the longer you look at it. So it's a 5.25" bay mounted hard drive, but it's a…
  • Mon, 05:11: RT @Foone: see when they call this a RAM disk, they really mean it on the "DISK" part. It's SATA! It's a SATA drive you use like any other…
Tags: #adhd, #babynut, #superbowl, twitter

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