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Mixed Feelings right now...

Elsa Loizeaux, a 92 year old woman from my church, passed away at roughly 9:20 PM EST today. I am saddened by this because she was one of the wisest women I had ever met. However, her wisdom got blurred in her old age due to Alzheimer's Disease. She got very confused, got up in the middle of the night to eat breakfast, talked with empty chairs, etc. That's what Alzheimer's does to you. She was also in some pain. I know where she is right now and her body isn't giving her any more pain, now that she has a glorified one. I'm praying for the Loizeauxs, the Johnsons, and the Nolans, who must be taking it very hard right now. Our entire church family is very close and all of us are sharing the pain. However, she lived a long life here on earth and blessed us with her presence. She'll live a much longer life in Heaven and we'll get to see her when we get there. As a poem once said, "God picks the most beautiful flowers from his garden." She had nice outer beauty in her youth (as I've seen in old pictures) and she always had incredible inner beauty throughout her life. Keep our church in your prayers as we go through this time of trial.

On a happier note, I just got finished watching The Tuxedo with Jackie Chan. A VERY funny movie I can recommend to anyone who likes comedy and action. My favorite part was Jackie Chan impersonating James Brown. Hehehe...
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