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  • Thu, 21:02: RT @czernobro: I regret to inform you that the AI meme generator perfectly understands Twitter https://t.co/xDNQDBgRe1
  • Thu, 21:02: RT @roxdaws: @TheKateMulgrew Oh Captain My Beautiful Captain!!! You are an extraordinary woman and I have loved seeing you since our “trek”…
  • Thu, 21:38: RT @miaxmon: asking robert downey jr to apologise for tropic thunder is like asking leonardo dicaprio to apologise for saying the n word in…
  • Thu, 21:41: RT @Smug_Legend: Watching woke kids discovering Tropic Thunder is like watching a baby discovering their own toes for the first time. https…
  • Thu, 21:42: RT @JessiSheron: Reader: the City in your comic looks like beach city in Steven universe! Me: my city is based on Ocean city MD. Rebecca su…
  • Thu, 21:42: RT @ghirapurigears: Hey singleton fans, there's a brand new fan created arena format that you have to check out. Your friend and mine @BWhe
  • Thu, 21:44: RT @LjHamlin: @JessiSheron I got accused of copying a book that I had never read, never heard of and it came out after my book was publishe…
  • Thu, 21:44: RT @ArfaTheCat: So the humans have designed me my own merch! For this one, we've chosen to donate everything to charities fighting agains…
  • Thu, 21:44: RT @BWheelerMTG: A post on Gladiator: Gladiator is a 100 card singleton format designed to be played primary on MTG Arena, using all avail…
  • Thu, 21:45: RT @LRRbot: Follow the quest nipple.
Tags: #onthisday, #sorrynotsorry, #startrek, twitter

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    Thu, 14:09: RT @ DanPriceSeattle: "Europeans live longer because of olive oil, red wine and nuts" Also they can go to the doctor any time they…

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    Wed, 13:40: RT @ STDeltaShift: I used to work in a shoe recycling shop... It was sole destroying #StarTrek #JellicoTrek

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    Tue, 13:32: Today I'm going to do a replacement stream for the one I missed Saturday, along with my normal 6 PM stream. So I'm going to start…

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