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  • Thu, 13:27: RT @PhilJamesson: [hacker voice as i get into bed] i'm in.
  • Thu, 13:28: RT @alexsteacy: I think it's way more insidious and pervasive than just what's taught in classrooms. Every facet of American culture plays…
  • Thu, 13:28: RT @alexsteacy: The American dream is that with enough good old fashioned hard work, anyone can become a success story and if you haven't m…
  • Thu, 13:32: RT @alexsteacy: Americans consume and vote as if they are temporarily inconvenienced millionaires. They are endlessly strung along with the…
  • Thu, 13:33: RT @alexsteacy: I do like to think there remains a nugget of value in the American identity under all the lies and warping effect of greed.…
  • Thu, 13:44: RT @ProsafiaGaming: Thoughts on LEGO Mario turned off? https://t.co/p1p5sdNOfm
  • Thu, 13:53: RT @LawrenceHarmon: Coverage Metagame data Card availability Reasonable tournament policy Long who all 4 elements lived in harmony. But e…
  • Thu, 13:56: RT @jenniebreeden: This week on “Find the racist” we learn that we’re not supposed to disparage racists! Oh no! Thank you for playing! http…
  • Thu, 13:57: RT @ajpizzuto: OK, so, I've seen a lot of the "NASA detects parallel universe" stuff going around I've spent the last ~2 years of grad sch…
  • Thu, 14:02: @alexsteacy Was reading in Scientific American that some studies found that people who undergo CBT for their mental… https://t.co/6Jpc06Xs4c
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    Fri, 14:36: RT @ pathofexile: Hey @ wizards_magic! Chris says it's a yes, you just need to ask. Fri, 14:36: RT @ aemccarthy: Y’all got…

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    Thu, 14:09: RT @ DanPriceSeattle: "Europeans live longer because of olive oil, red wine and nuts" Also they can go to the doctor any time they…

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    Wed, 13:40: RT @ STDeltaShift: I used to work in a shoe recycling shop... It was sole destroying #StarTrek #JellicoTrek

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