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What a day...

John's on my case again about eating nuggets at work. I don't understand why Mrs. Shelia can munch on fries all day and the back booth people can come up and grab a burger and eat it, but when I munch on one nugget, he gets on me like white on rice. I'm convinced that he's a reverse racist. All the people he lets get away with stuff are black and I'm the only white employee during the day. I can't get away with anything. (He's also the only white manager, but that's not the point, since the HR woman, the area manager, and the owner are all white.) I think he's scared of the black people. *grumbles* I'm getting a new job.

Why is it that people always call when you're doing something in the bathroom. I was taking a bath and right in the middle, the phone rings. My parents are out buying groceries, so it's either I get it or the machine gets it. I hate a ringing phone, so I get out and get it. It was the bookstore telling me that Yon Ill Wind, the Xanth book I put on back order, came in and I had 2 weeks to pick it up. I thanked her and got back in the tub, sort of grumbling.

Do you know what drinking 24 ounces of hot water does to you? (It wasn't exactly hot. It was warmer than room temperature. It's the temperature of water I'd clean my hands with to make sure they're clean.) It's actually not that bad after the first few sips. I just did it on impulse and I found out the effects. It cleared out my sinuses really well (I suspect that was the steam working.) and it settled my stomach pretty well. I'll use this instead of Pepto next time I'm sick.

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