Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
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  • Sun, 23:37: RT @nerdybyptw: imagine the amount of brain worms you need in order to believe this
  • Sun, 23:37: RT @davidmzach: For anyone claiming to know God but standing with the powerful at the expense of the oppressed: "He took up the cause of t…
  • Sun, 23:38: RT @amazingatheist: Conservatives: We need guns to fight the government if they turn tyrannical. Government: *turns tyrannical* Conserva…
  • Mon, 08:01: RT @AP4Liberty: Hey conservatives those police you don't want to defund are the same ones who ticketed you at church recently in case you f…
  • Mon, 08:04: RT @SusanArendt: A lot of you are discovering that people you’re close to hold views you find shocking. Reminder that life is too precious…
  • Mon, 08:06: RT @_romuald: De mieux en mieux les tickets 🤔 https://t.co/Vqr64j8PSE
  • Mon, 08:09: RT @TonyPannWBAL: If you were up early this morning, or late last night, you probably noticed a bright star near the Moon. Not a star thoug…
  • Mon, 08:09: RT @eas_trek: The damage to the shirt in "Shore Leave" and "Court Martial" is the same. Neither episode shows how the shirt is actually rip…
  • Mon, 08:10: RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Shout out to Mitt Romney for doing the bare minimum which is literally all a Republican needs to do to look good compare…
  • Mon, 08:10: RT @the_moviebob: Yeah... he ain't kidding. This is the character: https://t.co/XKjJAoaIRz https://t.co/3CObAWObT8
Tags: #farmingsimulator19, #gamedevpaidme, twitter

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