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  • Wed, 04:53: RT @angiecthomas: Pay attention to how people treat you after you tell them, "No."
  • Wed, 04:54: RT @amywestervelt: The US is obsessed with personal responsibility for systemic problems that require systemic solutions. You’re supposed t…
  • Wed, 04:54: RT @KielenKing: Lynching is back in 2020. Every. single. person. who told folks they were overreacting during the election can go straigh…
  • Wed, 04:54: RT @cubosh: you ever see a church sign writer go supernova https://t.co/AUlgvVKhFg
  • Wed, 04:54: RT @zellieimani: Police offering $10k so they can find and arrest a woman they suspect to have burned a Wendy’s. While, everyone knows wh…
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    Fri, 00:59: RT @ Graham_LRR: In prep for tomorrow’s #LRRSTX Pre-prerelease, I’ve opened a bunch of Strixhaven product. And while I know a lot…

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    Wed, 19:46: RT @ TrekGeekBill: "OMG, THOSE NEW DISCOVERY UNIFORMS Are JUST TOO FORMAL. ThAt'S nOt StAr TrEk!!!!!" 🤦‍♂️ https://t.co/OqKEVshNNP…

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    Tue, 12:04: RT @ HazelMonforton: Turns out adderall doesn't work if you don't take it. Wild. Tue, 12:09: RT @ doctorow: An employer's…

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