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  • Sat, 01:04: RT @TheOnion: Jimmy Carter Checks Into Rehab For Debilitating House-Building Addiction Hear the full episode: https://t.co/xd9ps0dvma htt…
  • Sat, 01:07: When your customized character appears in a game's cutscene https://t.co/avHKVBZZcS
  • Sat, 01:08: RT @johnfocook: My new Critical Thinking About COVID video on the 5G conspiracy theory looks at how pattern detection - a very common human…
  • Sat, 04:30: RT @HeyAllieMoon: If I had to wear a bathing suit top to every pool and beach since before I even had breasts, for *literally no reason* bu…
  • Sat, 04:30: RT @jadestarr__: Ppl be like “yeah Jeffree Star has said the n word multiple times, started a brand called lipstick nazi, posed with confed…
  • Sat, 04:31: RT @tadpr0le: The fact that cops can take a still from a video and identity a partial tee shirt logo and track it to Etsy to find the perso…
  • Sat, 04:31: RT @BengineeringTV: The Dream: Cute Flamingo Facemask to soothe my skin The Reality: https://t.co/dcO04HNXqZ
  • Sat, 04:31: RT @PunishedHag: Weird how we've reached a point where videogame violence is unethical not because of violence as a part of storytelling, b…
  • Sat, 04:32: RT @quiddie: Me, at the end of a campaign asking the DM about all the plot hooks we missed: https://t.co/bLi7qBndZo
  • Sat, 04:34: RT @brianschatz: For the media. We need you to step up and describe what is happening to our country. Use the words. “Authoritarian.” “Unla…
  • Sat, 04:37: RT @rat_liker: today i learned that violent j's daughter is a furry and he got a fursuit made for himself so he could go to furry conventio…
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    Sun, 14:06: Stupid storm... Stupid fried computer... *grumbles* *goes off to backup and fix it* [annoyed]

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    Sat, 23:45: is pissed off that the storm screwed up his computer [angry] Sun, 00:12: I just unlocked the "4sqDay 2011" badge on @…

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    Wed, 23:48: AdmrlMemo was defeated by fruity99 in combat! @ HuntedCow

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