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  • Sun, 02:29: RT @leftoblique: However, if something more severe than the current crisis *were* to hit the City of Seattle, the Rainy Day Fund would be g…
  • Sun, 02:29: RT @leftoblique: The economic impact on individuals and small businesses caused by the pandemic and current economic crisis is exactly the…
  • Sun, 02:29: RT @leftoblique: In her response Durkan is demonstrating a line of flawed reasoning I like to call the "99 Potions Problem". The 99 Potion…
  • Sun, 02:33: RT @LynnSharig8: Dr. Fauci graduated 1st in his class at Cornell Medical School, he has served under 6 presidents, and has received numerou…
  • Sun, 02:34: RT @JoeBiden: Enhanced unemployment benefits expired for millions overnight. We don’t have an effective nationwide testing program or a pl…
  • Sun, 02:34: RT @shaun_vids: moving into the "well, what are you going to do about it, you peasants" era of capitalism. hope it's short
  • Sun, 02:35: RT @rachel: https://t.co/78DpF1WbZb
  • Sun, 02:35: RT @RexChapman: “What’s your name?”😂😭🤣 https://t.co/LjqrTY2xme
  • Sun, 02:41: RT @benastanton: really is some of the funniest stuff on the planet on here, but no matter how many people you mute you’re still somehow fo…
  • Sun, 02:41: RT @tha_rami: The morality of this is: these games were made decades ago, the information will harm no one, and I wish this was a standardi…
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