Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
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  • Thu, 18:48: RT @appleinsider: Epic announced a permanent price drop for V-bucks and other digital purchases for @FortniteGame, but there's a caveat for…
  • Thu, 18:49: RT @RDRv3: Epic's offer to Google and Apple is simple: reach equilibrium with their direct purchase 20% discount, and they'll talk. That ma…
  • Thu, 18:49: RT @RyanWhitwam: Clearly, Epic expected Apple to remove Fortnite and got this lawsuit ready in advance. Epic picked a fight on purpose. I w…
  • Thu, 18:52: Star Trek: Lower Decks | Free Series Premiere Episode https://t.co/xsK1AFESfZ Going to check this out and see if I like it.
  • Thu, 20:48: RT @nycsouthpaw: I’m sorry to be harsh but widespread, profitable tolerance for birtherism is partially responsible for driving us into thi…
  • Thu, 20:49: RT @kylegriffin1: Trump is now floating his racist birther conspiracy against Kamala Harris. Trump: "I heard it today that she doesn't mee…
  • Thu, 20:49: RT @Yaz_Minsky: The issue with the harm reduction/lesser evil arguments for me is how often they’re so clearly insincere, how obviously the…
  • Thu, 20:49: RT @JeffLieber: We must save the USPS, also act as that won't get done. We're going to vote. We're going to vote early. Then mid-Octobe…
  • Thu, 20:53: RT @CooperWilhelm: Trying to be more like this sower who is pissed as hell but keeping it sexy https://t.co/F04PjbfyDT
  • Thu, 20:54: RT @pattymo: These guys are going the hell off https://t.co/gZl4Lwef0p
Tags: #destiny2, #legislativegraveya, #nintendoswitch, #snes, #startrek, #startreklowerdecks, twitter

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