Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
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  • Sun, 13:37: RT @Flailmorpho_: "Combat wheelchairs are unrealistic" my guy this is a game where you can literally get so angry that you become partially…
  • Sun, 13:38: RT @DJSHIRE: Greece expelling migrants is bad, but just so we're clear... 1) The 1000 people expelled was done over dozens of incidents, n…
  • Sun, 13:38: RT @WakeUpSuper: I will fucking die before saying anything sexual to a woman that I don’t know extremely personally. Even THEN, I’m not ev…
  • Sun, 13:41: RT @MikeOkuda: You have the right to risk your life, but not to endanger others. Refusing to wear a mask is an infringement on the health a…
  • Sun, 13:42: RT @DocAtCDI: My son asked me what a Canadian was... I told him a Canadian was an unarmed American with health insurance
  • Sun, 13:42: RT @rellortnocon: Many are asking what this is. This is Party Food. It’s good for 10 people. https://t.co/TNdSxmw46g
  • Sun, 13:42: RT @MittieArt: I know this sounds grim, but American customers, if you can possibly give pending usps packages from small sellers /a month/…
  • Sun, 14:13: In just under an hour, my 6-Year Streamiversary is starting at 3 PM! Come chat and follow the channel if you want t… https://t.co/CACLhFh6TJ
  • Sun, 14:44: RT @AdmiralMemo: Finally got my Twitch subs integrated to my Discord. Woot! Now you can let anyone in Discord know about their/your Miss St…
  • Sun, 14:45: RT @AdmiralMemo: As a reminder, tomorrow is my 6-year streamiversary, and I'm giving away a $10 Steam gift card. All you have to do is foll…
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