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  • Mon, 19:35: RT @MikeOkuda: "Logic Module" computer memory chip props from Star Trek: Enterprise. They were intended to suggest a more primitive version…
  • Mon, 19:36: RT @stealingzen: IMPORTANT READ https://t.co/dsCKfODYFv
  • Mon, 19:36: RT @JoeBiden: More cops have died from COVID this year than have been killed on patrol. Nearly one in six small businesses in this country…
  • Mon, 19:38: RT @SixthComma: Ahh, that was a relaxing weekend! Time to see what's going on in the world of Magic: the Gathering. [opens reddit] "Did P…
  • Mon, 19:38: RT @Anarch_King: If you have 12 bad cops and 1300 good cops but the 1300 good cops don't turn in the 12 bad cops, you have 1312 bad cops.
  • Mon, 19:39: RT @MoistCr1TiKaL: Imagine wanting money instead of exposure. Money is temporary but exposure is forever. I remember when my family was str…
  • Mon, 19:39: RT @dantheshive: Cereal: "You'll be full for hours!" Me: "Are you sure?" Cereal: "Yes!" (Soon) Me: "You said hours!" Cereal: "Two count…
  • Mon, 20:23: RT @SusanArendt: The Ditzy Chicks https://t.co/WU4vS60E8B
  • Mon, 20:28: RT @thegallowboob: This is a wasp nest that has grown around the flood lights on a garage and yes you will see it in your nightmares tonigh…
  • Tue, 00:31: RT @sharkfists: what sort of psychiatrist tries to schedule an appointment at 10pm? 🤔
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