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  • Mon, 08:39: RT @MTGGoldfish: This Lair has an extra card that wasn't previewed and isn't on the product page. Yay. More previews at https://t.co/9ly5Hd
  • Mon, 08:40: RT @PaulTassi: ‘Destiny 2’ Made Two Years Of Content Free, But It’s Deleting It, So What Now? via @forbes https://t.co/nwcHWZ1RTM
  • Mon, 08:40: RT @PushDustIn: {I Never Thought This Day Would Come} According to Daniel Kaplan, Nintendo and Mojang Studios have been discussing the ide…
  • Mon, 08:41: RT @v_nome: Just to make sure people know what is going on, I will not be streaming for almost 2 weeks except for this Tuesday with @itsBan
  • Mon, 08:41: RT @UnarmedOracle: the walking dead is a show where everyone looks like they smell like pee and act like they don't know that they smell li…
  • Mon, 08:46: RT @Lyinginbedmon: Did the president of the United States just declare on camera that he's going to be going out on the street to meet peop…
  • Mon, 08:47: RT @LunarJade: Wait youtube is removing the playlist auto add feature on Oct 8th? “These features were rarely used and we’re removing them…
  • Mon, 08:49: RT @Graham_LRR: @LunarJade WHY do they take these things away??
  • Mon, 08:51: RT @simplysuzu: Cool, so glad it took 4 years for the rest of the country to realize what half of us did on Day 1: he doesn't give a shit a…
  • Mon, 08:53: RT @dixonij: So this is apparently also a card in that Secret Lair that wasn't mentioned... https://t.co/9C4YOPKTze
  • Mon, 08:53: RT @exuaa4: The neurodivergent experience is being told you’re mature for your age when you’re young and then being told you act like a chi…
  • Mon, 08:54: RT @aquilaswing: @exuaa4 @gothhannibal Me: *a quiet and obedient child* Adults: "you are Good™️" Me: *an adult that has trouble communicat…
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    Fri, 14:36: RT @ pathofexile: Hey @ wizards_magic! Chris says it's a yes, you just need to ask. Fri, 14:36: RT @ aemccarthy: Y’all got…

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    Thu, 14:09: RT @ DanPriceSeattle: "Europeans live longer because of olive oil, red wine and nuts" Also they can go to the doctor any time they…

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    Wed, 13:40: RT @ STDeltaShift: I used to work in a shoe recycling shop... It was sole destroying #StarTrek #JellicoTrek

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