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  • Tue, 03:47: RT @realcaunsia: She block every deaf creator on Tiktok for trying to giving her feedbacks. Ma’am what language is this? https://t.co/UTHts
  • Tue, 03:48: RT @libbybakalar: So wearing a mask at Costco in a pandemic is “living in fear” but thinking the country is on the brink of a socialist tak…
  • Tue, 03:50: RT @GeorgeTakei: The President of the United States is a biohazard.
  • Tue, 03:50: RT @kibblesmith: I’m sorry, but there’s no way Donald Trump’s body recovered from Covid faster than the guy playing Batman.
  • Tue, 03:50: RT @Namaslays: If you want a small glimpse on what it is like to be a woman in gaming someone made a spreadsheet on my classic WoW server l…
  • Tue, 03:51: RT @Sci_Phile: This might be the single most irresponsible thing ever tweeted. Take the science seriously, wear a mask, and make sure you a…
  • Tue, 03:51: RT @Mistah_FixIt: @BethElderkin ...bold choice to film him in front of flags gently fluttering in the breeze so it's super easy to see wher…
  • Tue, 03:53: RT @baetog_: Is he a blue player like ⏳❌✖️🚫🛑 Or is he a blue player like 🌊🧙‍♂️🦅💥
  • Tue, 03:54: RT @RepDonBeyer: We wear masks for the protection of others. That's what the mask is for. Removing a mask when you know you have this deadl…
  • Tue, 03:54: RT @NoctemMoon: https://t.co/a94a6Bquzy
Tags: #gaspingforair, twitter

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    Sat, 14:27: RT @ SpiritofLenin: https://t.co/qMC62gyV5C https://t.co/0l2DxM5hEd Sat, 14:28: RT @ MrGeorgeWallace: Who the hell named…

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    Fri, 15:09: RT @ Spac3Gh0s7_: Can you fucking vultures at least wait for the body to be cold before jumping on our trauma holy shit…

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    Thu, 18:26: RT @ jaytholen: ok i guess i'll make a more direct quote tweet and say that it sucks that PUBG have stolen Hypnospace's name to…

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