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Freedom Force Frustration

I'm at the level in Freedom Force where Mr. Mechanical's robots are tearing up the top of a tower, trying to knock down the monuments. My team consists of Man-Bot, El Diablo, Microwave, and Man O' War. Man O' War isn't shaping up to be what I thought he would be. He's got his electric attacks and the robots are weak against electricity, but he still tends to not do much damage. Microwave is doing surprisingly well with his Interferance attack, but the robots bum-rush him and keep hitting him until he's out. I'd use Teleport Self or Displace Image, but the robots just won't stop hitting, so he can't get up. Man-Bot is so slow that he's hardly useful against anything but the Flame Mechs. I wouldn't have had him on the team, but he was required, so I had no choice. He was quite helpful in the previous 2 levels, donating his energy to the others, but I need him fighting in this level. El Diablo ends up beating up one or two mechs, then gets thrown off the side of the building and out of the game. I can only use his Tongues of Flame attack because it's a beam attack. Inferno is a projectile attack that ends up hitting a big area and ends up destroying the monuments I'm trying to save. Every time Diablo gets thrown off the side of the building, it goes downhill from there and either the team gets beaten up or the monuments get easily destroyed. I'm trying to brainstorm for ideas to improve the situation. My current best strategy is pitting Microwave and Man O' War against the two closest statue destroyers, Man-Bot against one of the Flame Mechs, and El Diablo against the 3 tower destroyers. Microwave and Man O' War usually have their battles over easily, so can help the other two. I usually have Man O' War going after the second Flame Mech at this point and Microwave replacing El Diablo up on the tower. I need to bring El Diablo out of the tower at this point to start beating on the other 2 statue destroyers because the statues are almost rubble by now. However, his energy supplies are low from fighting the tower robots and the only way he can fight the statue destroyers is with his fists. However, once he hits a robot, it goes after him instead of the statue. That's good, but also bad. It's good because I don't lose the game right then. It's bad because he beats on El Diablo and eventually throws him off the building. I've tried the variation where El Diablo fights these guys first, but he can't seem to fight them well and ends up dying. He's the only one who can get over there quick enough to hit them before the statues are dust. Man-Bot and Man O' War are too slow. I MIGHT be able to get Microwave over there quickly by Teleporting him, but by the time he's there, his energy is completely drained and he can't fight well. Anyway, enough ranting. Back to brainstorming.

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