Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
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  • Fri, 15:26: RT @MoxReuby: In an Among Us lobby yesterday @katestark taught me that holding Alt while dragging an edge of a frame in Streamlabs crops th…
  • Fri, 18:04: RT @ghirapurigears: Folks, if you want to change infect in commander, you had better have an essay or video with diagrams showing why infec…
  • Fri, 18:07: RT @RexChapman: Finally. The monolith mystery has been revealed... https://t.co/tArPya49pF
  • Fri, 18:08: RT @rmondello: My mom just told me that her sister is convinced “they’re cutting the vaccine with HIV” and “it’s made with baby parts”, if…
  • Fri, 18:08: RT @secalert: Wow. I cannot believe I got this response. ".. our junior engineer tried to verify your remote code execution and used the c…
  • Fri, 20:47: RT @garius: PRO-TIP: If you're letting users set button text. Add a character limit. Can't believe we forgot that. https://t.co/4DpOSAZY7r
  • Fri, 20:47: RT @keeltyc: Apparently Trump thinks the fast arrival of this vaccine makes him look better? If anything it makes him look worse. It proves…
  • Fri, 20:53: RT @commandcast: OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Moving forward, we have opted for simultaneous digital releases for all of our theatrical productio…
  • Fri, 21:00: RT @Alyssa_Milano: Pay people to stay home. $1200 a month until we get get covid under control. Every small business should be granted a…
  • Fri, 21:01: RT @tunnel12v: We need help. People are dying. #GeneralStrike https://t.co/h7rzW5jEef
Tags: #carp, #generalstrike, twitter

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