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  • Sun, 18:05: RT @landsleaving: Yesterday I joked that LRR don't have five ps5s and we were giving one away. Turns out they have seven and are giving t…
  • Sun, 18:06: RT @loadingreadyrun: In case you missed it last night, the man with three PS3’s and four PS4’s is back. I wonder how many PS5’s he’ll have?…
  • Sun, 18:07: RT @MicroSFF: "Put it on my account." "We don't-" the junior bookseller said. "We do," the senior cut in. "Of course." The customer took th…
  • Sun, 18:09: RT @KGuilaine: The Brits have so many elaborated ways to say black. https://t.co/g1scb2kAMM
  • Sun, 18:11: RT @scott_kerr: Enormous xylophone in the woods of Kyushu, Japan plays a Bach tune when a wooden ball rolls down each "key." An impressive…
  • Sun, 18:15: RT @TieTuesdayLP: since it gets asked a lot, direct donations will always be the best way to support streamers directly, and this is why lo…
  • Sun, 18:17: RT @rmayemsinger: Pence, Rubio and Gaetz, etc. skipping the Covid vaccine line reminds me of: https://t.co/p7taFl7EhZ
  • Sun, 18:24: RT @Graham_LRR: I don’t think we’ve had a video hit 100,000 views faster and I’m just so pleased that people still care about this silly jo…
  • Sun, 23:06: RT @Alatriyana: Ya ever realize that your "family's recipe" for something is the recipe on the back of the thing? I definitely didn't tex…
  • Sun, 23:13: RT @vote4robgill: Kanye West got $5 million. You get $600. 🤬
Tags: #nintendoswitch, #stimuluscheck, #supermariomaker2, twitter

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    Fri, 14:36: RT @ pathofexile: Hey @ wizards_magic! Chris says it's a yes, you just need to ask. Fri, 14:36: RT @ aemccarthy: Y’all got…

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    Thu, 14:09: RT @ DanPriceSeattle: "Europeans live longer because of olive oil, red wine and nuts" Also they can go to the doctor any time they…

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    Wed, 13:40: RT @ STDeltaShift: I used to work in a shoe recycling shop... It was sole destroying #StarTrek #JellicoTrek

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