Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
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  • Sun, 20:05: RT @JoeVeyera: In Seattle, where the minimum wage just rose to $16.69/hour for large employers, the most expensive burrito is $4.49. https:…
  • Sun, 20:05: RT @reiley: Additionally, $15 was the target minimum wage ten years ago. We've been dragging ass about this issue for so long $15 isn't eve…
  • Sun, 20:07: RT @JoshuaPotash: One thing that gets very lost in the ~twitter discourse~ is that 68% of people, including 59% of Republicans, support rai…
  • Sun, 20:08: RT @Roshan_Rinaldi: Rep. Lauren Boebert, (R: Moscow): Any questions? https://t.co/W9CRtfuhdG
  • Sun, 20:13: RT @LRRbot: Don't let the giant pig fall on you when it dies.
  • Sun, 20:16: RT @loadingreadyrun: Tomorrow nights Dice Friends is sure to be something really special. Not only do we have @kilnfiendpotter running Hone…
  • Sun, 20:17: RT @dixonij: So many stories and tales of losing friends and loved ones to the Q conspiracy... I saw an article a while back that stated b…
  • Sun, 20:18: RT @Zari_Wari: What the fuck is this ad for a goddamn grocery store https://t.co/48YZBDib3L
  • Sun, 20:21: RT @BlFLEXUAL: yall when yall when fast Jeff Bezos food workers makes $13 get paid a billion dollars…
  • Sun, 20:21: RT @SenSanders: Wealth of Elon Musk on March 18, 2020: $24.5 billion Wealth of Elon Musk on January 9, 2021: $209 billion U.S. minimum wag…
Tags: #db2020, #startr, #twitchstreamers, twitter

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