Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

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  • Wed, 09:23: RT @CometObservator: In Super Mario Galaxy's Sand Spiral Galaxy, this red toad can be seen near the entrance. However, the only Red Toad i…
  • Wed, 09:46: RT @5ushiroll: Daily Dragon 54 Soon to be destroyer of worlds https://t.co/x9dF4Ojj0J
  • Wed, 09:53: RT @sammajammaz: Hello I am coming to the TL today to say Elon Musk is a fucking moron and he does not do any of the engineering or scienti…
  • Wed, 09:54: RT @AndyPlaytonic: In 2016, we lost tens of thousands of Yooka-Laylee Triforce statues to warehouse limbo after the company mysteriously we…
Tags: #euantitrust, #mtgkaldheim, #startrek, #startrekdiscovery, #twitchaffil, #twitchstreamers, twitter

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