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  • Thu, 02:08: RT @RBReich: Your reminder that we can't get national voting rights until Senate filibuster is ended. Democrats: This is what we elected…
  • Thu, 02:10: RT @pronounced_ing: General rule: people don't get to decide whether they are racist; other people decide this based on their actions
  • Thu, 02:17: RT @GuyWhoWroteThis: It's cute how Google Translate clearly had no idea what to do with the word "opal" and so just scattered it liberally…
  • Thu, 02:17: RT @chaser: Police commissioner arrested after failing to use consent app before screwing the pooch
  • Thu, 02:18: RT @SandraTayler: My 20yo emerges from room after a day of hyperfixation and announces they are ravenous, but that their brain insists that…
  • Thu, 02:21: RT @PadmaLakshmi: One day after 8 people were killed due to hatred of Asian women, how dare 172 Republicans vote against the Violence Again…
  • Thu, 02:22: RT @ceIestewoo: everyone's talking about the onion, but reductress is on point too https://t.co/ElrRllaeX3
  • Thu, 02:23: RT @troacctid: @ghirapurigears I made this meme 8 years ago https://t.co/M0WpvXixt2
  • Thu, 02:24: RT @CSugarsweets: Doctors will be like “fuck I’m stumped anyway here’s a bill for $5,000”
  • Thu, 02:25: RT @krisstraub: he acted alone, in the exact manner and for the same reasons of all the others just like him who also acted alone. we can’t…
Tags: #adhd, #dukenukem, #vtuber, twitter

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    Wed, 15:50: RT @ iamdaniela: I know I’ve said this a thousand times, but can we PLEASE for the love of all that is sane stop calling it “VEGAN…

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    Tue, 13:06: RT @ coL_Amazonian: Don't get angry at me when I can't reply privately to DMs during my stream. I am talking to hundreds of people,…

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    Mon, 12:39: RT @ ghirapurigears: So it looks like a lot of people woke up and took the wrong point from my tweets. The issues isn't cedh is the…

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