Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
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  • Sun, 08:54: RT @Opirian: I had to remove the stream starting soon tweet button from my stream deck because I kept hitting it by accident.
  • Sun, 09:12: I just won "Moving Out" off this charity stream! They seem really chill and cool. Check them out and donate (responsibly)! https://t.co/od7riguP6M
  • Sun, 09:13: RT @ConsortGaming: Chill stream hours are OVER on our Extra Life 24 hour stream, now we're movin right into the pure frustration of Spelunk…
  • Sun, 09:14: RT @The_Law_Boy: my vaccine lady held out the little Moderna vial to me like a sommelier would show you a wine bottle and i sort of panicke…
  • Sun, 09:14: RT @azninsect: Most of web/mobile framework subreddit posts: "I've never typed on a keyboard before. How do I make a billion dollar app?"
  • Sun, 09:15: RT @aedison: DEVIL: You shall stay forever young, but this picture of you will bear the marks of your sin! DORIAN: Can I hide it? DEVIL: We…
  • Sun, 09:16: RT @meredeathmetal: Good morning y’all! Just a reminder that g*psy is a slur and its not for your ~aesthetic~ if you’re not Romani.
  • Sun, 09:16: RT @meredeathmetal: Also saying the phrase ‘I got j*pped/g*pped’ when referring to someone ripping you off is also not appropriate language.
  • Sun, 09:27: I am at an interesting intersection of people where I can read a tweet or Facebook post and see "yt" and have to figure out from context whether the person means "white" or "YouTube"...
  • Sun, 09:29: RT @Sarah_JK: @heyshadylady After reading the first part: They should probably be more careful about monitoring their son's internet usage…
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