Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
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  • Thu, 21:11: RT @simplysuzu: Adult me: “Wow that’s super dangerous, they better catch this asshole. Fuck off.” Inner 10-year old me: SICK
  • Thu, 21:15: RT @shaun_vids: cops will murder a child and then lie about it
  • Thu, 21:16: RT @r4v5: hey what ever happened with those social media influencers minneapolis was supposed to find who could keep people calm after Chau…
  • Thu, 21:16: RT @r4v5: i know they abandoned it because it was a fucking useless idea but i want to know who they were going to contract it out to and f…
  • Thu, 21:17: RT @LunarJade: Just thinking about that high schooler guy I overheard at a bus stop some years ago. He was bragging to a girl about Candy…
  • Thu, 21:18: RT @IanColdwater: I regret to inform you that Minnesota is a blue state, our mayor, our governor, and our president are all Democrats, and…
  • Thu, 21:21: RT @emrazz: Stop pretending guys like Matt Gaetz are uncommonly disgusting and start being disgusted by how common they are.
  • Thu, 21:23: RT @GavinVerhey: Is it any coincidence that Strixhaven, the college themed set, releases on Arena the SAME DAY that @TolarianCollege has th…
  • Fri, 02:02: RT @TheProxyGuy: Now that it’s officially a no, your boy was in the running to make official frames but not being able to relocate nixed it.
  • Fri, 02:21: RT @jessiegender: Maybe we should stop assuming the worst possible intent or interpretation of someone’s words on a platform that inherentl…
Tags: #crazyhand, #gameknights, #mtgarena, #mtgstrixhaven, #mtgstx, #quandrix, #sponsored, twitter

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