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  • Mon, 17:18: RT @NicolasFuRivero: Start of the Epic v Apple trial appears to be delayed bc no one can figure out how to mute the hundreds of people aski…
  • Mon, 17:23: RT @BlaseballCrabs: this would be perfect for when we play against the Seattle Garages! (because they make music)
  • Mon, 17:24: RT @PaulTassi: Can't believe unsealed documents in the Epic V. Apple case reveal Destiny 2 is getting six new PvP maps next season
  • Mon, 17:26: RT @GreyTheTick: Points: 1. Something like 80% of EGS' userbase use the service as a launcher for Fornite. Those people aren't buying gam…
  • Mon, 17:29: RT @tha_rami: Ok, I'm going to say this as nicely as I can but INDIES DEMAND MORE MONEY FROM CORPORATIONS FOR YOUR SHIT what are some of…
  • Mon, 23:47: RT @TheMathadon: #MarsRoverJustFound *sigh* https://t.co/c7aElSfqOK
  • Mon, 23:50: RT @GetColorGames: Importing and editing animations is literally what you're made for Blender - and yet, after an hour of struggling I just…
  • Mon, 23:50: RT @DanPriceSeattle: "don't like your minimum wage job? Just quit! It's called a free market!!" *everyone quits their minimum wage jobs*…
  • Mon, 23:51: RT @spofiee: Words in the English language that contain the word "meow:" meows, meowed, meowing, homeowner 😼🏡
  • Mon, 23:51: RT @ErynnBrook: You: if I keep going like this I’m gonna burn out. Employer: oh no, you can’t do that. You: okay well then I’m gonna need…
Tags: #dnd, #inspiration, #marsroverjustfound, #mimic, #nasty, #ttrpg, twitter

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    Thu, 13:33: RT @ NomeDaBarbarian: My partner has an apostrophe in her first name, something that plenty of names have. The amount of databases…

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    Wed, 16:53: RT @ Beardynoise: Mistakes were made https://t.co/8iz4wCXKmY Wed, 16:55: RT @ iMDRW: This is killing me! 🤣🤣🤣 What if he has…

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    Tue, 12:22: Yep... "undivided" attention... https://t.co/wIZBZ4LSHr Tue, 12:57: RT @ ItsVeeBot: Okay, so can someone explain the word…

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