Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

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  • Mon, 16:23: RT @third_artifact: Imagine how less stressed creators would be if twitch didn’t take HALF of their revenue
  • Mon, 16:25: RT @foxmar320: Ummm I captured God and put it in a tiny ball. https://t.co/P1gWx5GMT1
  • Mon, 16:25: RT @Valkyrie_Lemons: Any email I get from non-english speakers: I forbid your indulgence in entertaining this poor soul whose English is s…
  • Mon, 17:13: RT @EmmaWatson: Dear Fans, Rumours about whether I’m engaged or not, or whether my career is “dormant or not” are ways to create clicks ea…
  • Mon, 17:14: RT @howardtayler: Feels like a trick question, because of the word "related," and because of the sprawling breadth of the "religion" and "p…
  • Tue, 01:35: RT @howardtayler: I've figured out why we saved SO MUCH MONEY ordering groceries for delivery during the last year. I went shopping by mys…
  • Tue, 01:38: RT @alexsteacy: Make it happen https://t.co/qu7l4euEp6
  • Tue, 01:38: RT @alexsteacy: This is a goof, but look me dead in the eye and say you wouldn't watch Billie and other musicians competitively race indust…
  • Tue, 01:39: RT @_Ninji: people in the US on twitter: my local Chuck E Cheese has 50,000 doses of Moderna they must use before the end of the night. ple…
  • Tue, 01:39: RT @GU1Duck: “Cloven hoofprints turn up in the garden” is a fine and good lyric, but “Cloven-hoofed Prince Turnip in the garden” has big P…
Tags: #birthday, #selfie, #twitchaffilate, twitter

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