Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
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  • Thu, 07:44: RT @GeoffRBennett: Mr. Hughes Vann Ellis, age 100, and Ms. Viola Fletcher, age 107. The siblings are two of the last living survivors of th…
  • Thu, 07:52: RT @jonasdash: calm down DuoLingo https://t.co/PPMTpNMz6j
  • Thu, 08:01: RT @stealingzen: I just can't stay away from @astroneergame, so bonus stream at 5p tonight! Maybe I'll get into hyper-focus and stream for…
  • Thu, 08:01: RT @RBReich: What does it say about America that Jeff Bezos can afford to build 25 bathrooms in his DC mansion, but minimum wage workers ca…
  • Thu, 08:05: RT @KaivanShroff: NEW: Just 16% of congressional Republicans voted to support the January 6th commission. The vast majority of Republicans…
  • Thu, 08:05: RT @ghirapurigears: a friend just messaged me with this- "my thoracle takeaway is that I need SCG to pay me to write an article about "Why…
  • Thu, 08:05: RT @edgar_a_bitch: So apparently people are fighting about whether saying “bathing suit” instead of “swimsuit” makes you ancient or just re…
Tags: #adhd, #envtuber, #vtuber, twitter

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