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  • Sat, 21:25: RT @hassaan97: I have no idea how to navigate social situations. I feel like I'm just winging it through life and getting it horribly wrong…
  • Sat, 21:38: This reminds me of a conversation I had: Sometimes social interaction really needs a guidebook. Me: "Why. Doesn't. It? Like... isn't this something that people should be taught in school or something?" Because for whatever reason NTs can just do it without being taught. https://t.co/IfankEZjOG
  • Sat, 21:38: RT @hassaan97: One bad experience will completely destroy my mood at that time. Be it social or not. It will take me a while to pick myself…
  • Sat, 21:39: RT @hassaan97: I feel detached from everyone else. They understand each other. They don't understand me. This makes me feel left out - espe…
  • Sat, 21:39: RT @hassaan97: Usually "I'm struggling" means "I need help" and "I need your support". I need someone to make me feel listened to. /11
  • Sat, 21:39: RT @hassaan97: I'm constantly stressed. If I'm irritable/agitated etc, I'm not "throwing a tantrum". It means I'm very much at breaking poi…
  • Sat, 21:42: RT @kpendolino: @hassaan97 This is *deeply* relatable. I feel like NT folks often expect us to _read between the lines_ and infer a request…
  • Sat, 21:45: RT @jefuemon_ver2: Why make miniatures, when you can just make a giant thumb? https://t.co/hxYyRzzVXo
  • Sat, 21:53: RT @jonburkeUK: What if I told you there was a single intervention we could deliver in our cities that would cool them during heatwaves, re…
  • Sat, 21:54: RT @TheOnlyEdAsner: My heart is broken. Gavin was my brother, my partner in crime (and food) and my comic conspirator. I will see you in…
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