Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
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  • Thu, 00:17: RT @Sci_Phile: Gonna admit I didn’t think I’d have to say this… But no, we can’t just change the orbit of the moon or the Earth around the…
  • Thu, 00:39: RT @Ze_Carpenter: Critique dream's actions all you want but making fun of this kid for his appearance even if it is dream is 100% fucked up…
  • Thu, 00:42: RT @abbysseenya: @oomfed k but we don't gotta shame people's appearances to get the wholly separate point across
  • Thu, 03:44: RT @coL_Amazonian: Hey Apple, if you actually want to stop unwanted pornography, you should lock every dumbass who has sent an unsolicited…
  • Thu, 03:45: RT @CubeApril: While I appreciate that Arena refunds wildcards when decks get banned, I wish they would do a bit more. Players who built J…
  • Thu, 03:46: RT @UnarmedOracle: TFW u acknowledge that a game set in a world in the midst of ecological and political collapse can credibly claim that i…
  • Thu, 03:47: RT @alexsteacy: I misread this as there being some kind of infernal discord variant and was immediately curious how to join.
  • Thu, 03:50: RT @Nightvalien: To this day doctors still believe BMI nonsense and it hurts people, they refuse to listen or even help base on your weight…
  • Thu, 03:51: RT @anildash: One of these exists!
  • Thu, 03:51: RT @UzamakiJ: “CAPTAAAAAIN!!” Captain, my Man the borg are here! We gon die! https://t.co/vFM0n2qJtE
Tags: #cicadas, #envtuber, #gameknights, #teamemmy, #vtuber, #windshield, #wotcstaff, #yakuzalikeadragon, twitter

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