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Oddly odd character generator...

I'm just pasting the male ones. I don't think I'd play a female character correctly.

Male Chaotic/Loud Winged Mountain Gargoyle Monk lvl 15, wielding a +2 Teleporting Lawnmower of Horrible Blindness

Male Chaotic/Irrelevant Humanoid Frog Sorcerer lvl 8, wielding a +10 Radioactive Hammer of Horrible Throat Slitting

Male Chaotic/Annoying Half-Long-Nosed Goblin/Half-Mountain Gargoyle King lvl 3/Monk lvl 4/Bard lvl 3, wielding a +11 Dancing Pinecone of Total Devastation, accompanied by a Vampiric Zombified Pointy-Eared Walrus

Male Neutral/Cute Quarter-Dwarf Circus Performer lvl 10/Sorcerer lvl 2, wielding a +12 Singing Halberd of Super Duper Blindness

Male Lawful/Practial Winged/Reincarnated Three Quarters-Purple Minotaur Butcher lvl 8/Chef lvl 6/Monk lvl 3, wielding a +17 Tap Dancing Longspear of Abysmal Eye Gouging

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