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More Shower Memage

This time by erbkaiser

Same rules: Reply with 5 more questions or a request for questions.

1. If Star Trek did not exist, what SF do you think you would be a fan of?

Probably Star Wars. I'm a semi-fan currently.

2. You are in Hollywood, working on a new film. What is your job there?

If I'm not an actor (I'd love to, but don't think I could pull it off), then I'm probably one of the technical people who fiddles with the FX. That way, I could put in some cool in jokes into the movie.

3. Mean question. If you had to give up either sight or hearing, which would it be?

Hearing, definitely. I could more easily do without hearing than sight. I'd lose my music, but still have Star Trek (and other stuff) with closed captioning.

4. Where do you see yourself in a decade from now?

Probably in a tech support job looking up to work on programs. I am in the process of landing some sort of non-McD's job right now and am quite close. Right now, I'd love anything where it's an office and I can sit down sometimes.

5. A man comes up to you, and offers you fifty million dollars, but you'll have to start a new life without any contacts to your loved ones. Do you accept?

Nope. Love is thicker than money. *huggles his family and friends*

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