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LJ Tag Meme

I was tagged by no one.
Tag, naraht! You're it!

OK, you all remember how to play "Tag" from little kids. Well, this is pretty much the same.

Rule #1: The 3 Rules must be posted with the Meme. Either a copy/paste or a link back to this post will do nicely.

Rule #2: You must write who tagged you and who you're tagging.

Rule #3: You can't tag back the person who tagged you.

That's it for rules. One suggestion, though.

Suggestion #1: Use people who would more frequently see your journal. Otherwise, the game hangs and dies.

Here's an example.

I tag roolet. She sees the tag, and writes in her journal something to the effect of "I was tagged by admiralmemo. I'm tagging bassbone." Then, bassbone sees the tag and writes "I was tagged by roolet. I'm tagging naraht."

And so on, and so on.

Have fun playing my new meme!

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