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Lots of good stuff has happened recently. I went to K-Mart with Mom yesterday after work. I got a new watch band with a compass on it. It was the same price as the others and I needed a band anyway, so I got it. However, it didn't work in the car for some reason. For some reason, in the car, it always pointed at me. I joked with Mom that I had an "aura of North-ness" around me. Then, we went to Red Lobster. Loved it. I ate the snow crab legs. Today, Mom finished framing my Associate's Degree. We just need a wire and it'll be ready for hanging.

My vampire is doing well. He stole several thousand coins from people hanging around an overcrowded bank. Steal and run. You gotta love it. And there's no recourse in getting it back because it's banked now. Hehehehehe...

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