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My day

The funny: In back booth, a guy came up to the speaker. I asked him what he'd like to order. He said, "I'd like a number huhh." I said, "A number what?" "A number UNHH!" After about 5 tries, I finally deciphered it as a number TWO. Heh... I had the whole store laughing at this guy.

The bad: Taunya, a good friend of mine, got arrested at work today. I didn't see it, still being in back booth, but this happened at about 5 PM. Apparently Taunya came into work. Right behind her came a girl she knew. This girl followed her behind the counter and started arguing with her. Apparently, Taunya had been seeing her boyfriend. Taunya didn't know the guy was attached, but the girl didn't believe her. It escalated quickly and violently and Taunya beat her up! The amazing thing was that this went on right in front of two police officers! She was arrested, but the other girl wasn't. I hugged her and told her I was praying that it worked out for the best. I hope she's OK. She's a good girl who simply ends up with the wrong people.

The good, part one: Mom took me to WalMart today and I got some good Magic cards. I got a pack of Onslaught, a pack of 8th edition, and a starter deck of Mirrodin. I got one OK booster, one great booster, and I'm in love with the starter pack.

The good, part two: I am still playing Civilization and it's going better. I quit today at 2050. The Egyptians are history and now it's down to me, the Germans, the Americans, and the Romans. The Romans are lagging WAY behind and I'm waiting for them to die at the hands of the Germans. I'm amazed they've survived this far, being on the same continent as the Germans.
The Americans have a grudge against me because early on, I took over St. Louis, which is the city they decided to build on my continent. I have a territorial issue. Let me have my small continent and let me build all the Wonders, and I'll leave you alone, until the end, when I conquer the world. The Americans decided they weren't going to simply let me have my continent. They wanted the top half. So I beat their butts out of St. Louis, took it for my own, and it is now thriving. Apparently Abe didn't like that and now he's determined to kick my butt.
Then, there's the Germans. They've been against everyone at the start. I've tried several peace negotiations with them, but they didn't work. I'd make peace with them, we'd be fine for several turns, then they'd land on my continent and start building. I'd break the treaty, move their butts out and fortify. Then, they'd come back and ask for peace again and the cycle started over. After about 4 times of this, they started demanding money from me, in exchange for peace. While my civilization is thriving, my bank isn't that full. I always seemed to have enough for what I was doing, but never enough to go on any sprees. So, now they're not even talking to me and are trying to annihalate me. They're also after the Americans. I suspect the major three-way war between myself, the super-agressive Germans, and the angry Americans is what's keeping the Romans alive, who I'm currently at war with, but don't care enough about to bother with. If they want free peace, I'll give it to them and leave them alone until I eradicate the Americans.
I need some sort of big strategy, though, and I don't have it. I've simply been building Armors in one city and cannons in another, then shipping them off to the northern island to fight. It's been keeping the Americans back, but only barely. I decided to nuke Washington in about 2025, but they came back and nuked my major city and completely set me back, so I reset back to 2000 and worked from there. My nuclear bomb on Atlanta (now a German city) has yet to be avenged, though. I think I might nuke the Germans, who don't have Rocketry yet, then work on the Americans. I'll have to plan it out, though.

The sad: Duchess, our German Shepherd, who is now 15 years old, probably isn't long for this world. She's has had more and more trouble walking lately and stopped eating and drinking today. We've been encouraging her, but she's been unresponsive. We have a theory that she's got an abcess on her tooth, but we're not sure. Hopefully, we'll get her to the vet soon.

The good, part three: Jury duty yesterday was uneventful. I've now finished Swell Foop and am working on Up in a Heaval, the 26th and latest book in the Xanth series. Once I'm done it, all I have to do is wait for Cube Route to come out in paperback. I'll be e-mailing some suggestions to Piers Anthony soon.

The troublesome: I've had to cut out a couple things online lately due to time and one of them was reading friends' posts. I stopped on the 25th and a have just now gotten a chance to catch up. I'm currently 240 posts behind. However, I have plenty of time, since I've caught up on everything else.

The good, part four: I've downloaded Avant Browser, which is pretty cool. It's basically a browser with IE as its base, then expanded with all the cool features of Mozilla, Opera, etc. added on, such as pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, translation, etc. I've always used IE before. It wasn't for a specific reason. It was simply laziness and comfort. I've used other browsers and found nothing wrong with them. I just don't use them on a regular basis. However, this is basically IE + good stuff of other browsers, so I think I'll work well with this. If they can figure out how to integrate the Yahoo toolbar, which I use regularly, I'll ditch IE completely. I won't be able to uninstall IE, however, since Avant Browser is not technically a browser. What it is is a program that takes IE and completely works around it. It never undermines IE. It simply uses it as a base. It's like turning a car into a boat, without removing any of the parts of the car.

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