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The bad: Both room light and lamp light burnt out at the same time. I needed to make replacements in the dark. At least I had the idea to turn my computer monitor on.

The funny: I called stormer23 yesterday on a whim. I got her voicemail, so I left a message, then sent a TXT message. Today, her brother was fooling with the phone and she told him to stop. Being a little brother, he didn't just stop, but he threw the phone at her. It ended up hitting the button and calling the last number received, which was me. So, my phone was ringing with an unfamiliar number (since I didn't memorize it). I went to answer it, but it had hung up by then, so I called it back. It turned out to be her, and we talked for about 3 minutes before returning to our AIM chat with each other.

The worrying: Dad's in the hospital. His back has been hurting for the entire week and it's to the point where he can't walk. Mom took him on her way to work. He's been admited. Prayer is needed.

The funny: While letting the dogs in, I couldn't find Katie. I could hear her, but I couldn't find her anywhere in the yard. I finally spotted her in the NEIGHBOR'S yard. I couldn't find the hole she got through for the longest time. I had to go out front, go around to the neighbor's yard, coax her to me, grab her, lift her over the fence, then set her down and let her run to the front door. *sighs* Dogs...

The frustrating: I lost my package of breath strips. (The generic version of those Listerine Pocket Packs.)

The frustrating: I was doing the wash and couldn't find the little measuring scoop for the detergent. I decided to just pick the whole bucket up, dump some in, and hope for the best. THEN, I find the scoop sitting in the bucket behind the bleach. I found out I used WAY too much. I hope the washer doesn't explode or something.

The good: I've gotten my friends page down to skip=120 now. Considering that it updates all the time and I didn't get online all yesterday, that's pretty good.

The bad: Computer's being a complete butt right now.

The cool: This page about the Enterprise and a wind tunnel.

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