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Phone Post: Mike's Rambling Again

362K 1:42
“Hey. Yo. Me. Ehh... SHUT UP! OK, that wasn't for you. That was my computer. OK, anyway, ummm... As Nick was doing... I'm bored! And... Actually, I'm almost exactly like Nick. I'm bored. I should be cleaning, but I'm not. And I really don't care. Umm... And I lost my freakin' book! Where the freak is that...? Oh, here it is. And I'm sitting here, looking... checking the Sev board... checking all types of... listening to Chica's phone post and... all types of good stuff. Have no clue what music Nick was doing, but anyway... *burp* Screwing up. I don't want THAT. Idiot. This computer's an idiot. But what's that say about me, since they say that uh... Since they say that computers are only as smart as you are, so umm... *cough* Though I don't think I could do so many calculations in a second. Uh... Heh heh... Oh... You can tell I'm massively bored. What is this? Oh, that's that stupid thing. OK. Urgh... Call me, if you have my number. If you want it, just e-mail me or instant message me or something... *yawn* Bye.”

Transcribed by: admiralmemo
Tags: random_stuff, voiceposts

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