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Phone Post: Mike At Work

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“Hey... It's me... I'm bored at work! I'm trying to.. trying to... I've got John on my butt. All the managers on my butt and the owner was here and he was just being... Ugh... Everything was just... Urrr... Hey man. "Hey" Yeah, I'm posting to the Internet from my phone. "Oh, yeah." Pretty cool, huh? "Yeah. That's gangsta right there." Yup. Anyway, um... Yeah, I just... *sigh* I hate this job. Heey.. "Hi." Ahh... See if I can get Mrs. Elenor on here. Hey there. *chuckles* Hi, Mrs. Elenor. Say Hi. "Hi..." OK. That was Mrs. Elenor... OK... I gotta go now. *to self* I need a shave.”

Transcribed by: admiralmemo

Heh... I thought that "I need a shave" part didn't get through. I thought I had pressed the button before that. I was just talking to myself. *goes off to shave*
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