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Phone Post: Magic, Books, Singing, Star Trek, & Other Randomness

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“Hey. It's me. *beginning of song plays*
I just thought... I like this song. Umm... *laughs* Sittin' here. Got so many posts to do. I've gotta get that "Lost In Shadows" bio out, but the e-mail is just bein' a butt. Oh... Turn this down. But, right now, there's one thing I'm glad about. I'm glad about one big, big, big, biggie thing. Local number for me! Yay! I got... I got... I don't have to call Washington, D.C. now! I can call someplace LOCAL. And, I got some Magic cards today. Ummm... I got a pack of Mirrodin. I got a starter deck. Mirrodin "Bait and Bludgeon" deck. It's a black and blue combo... It's got pretty good. It's actually... *laughs* It's black and blue, but like... at least half of the cards in there are artifacts. *laughs* It's technically not a black and blue deck. It's a black, blue, mostly ARTIFACT deck. But, I also got a set of 25 cards... And a Mirrodin starter pack. I mean, not starter pack. Whatdoyacallthem? BOOSTER pack. And pretty good stuff. Umm... What else? What else should I do? What else have I found out? Oh, I like these new books. These books are like... *stutters* They're kickin', man!
Bored, bored, bored. Bored, buhbuhbuhbuhbuhbuh...

*sings* Return of the Singer... This is how it's gonna be. We're gonna make some history. A microphone. The truth we see... And I don't even know the words to this song... *stops* OK, so I'll stop SINGING it. OK.
And I noticed that all of LiveJournal's phone numbers *laughs* end in 6708. It's like, uh... weird. But I think they have a plan or something about that.
I'll use this... more often... I mean, I WON'T use this more often. That's what I meant. Eh... I might post SOMETHING. I have no clue. Uhh... I'm thinking about watching a Star Trek movie tonight. Maybe Star Trek Five. I'm not sure. I REALLY need to see that Jake 2.0 episode but my mom has... I forgot where my mom said the tape was.
This room is a STY.
Eh... That's about all I'll say right now. Bye... Bye... BYE. OK. Hanging up.”

Transcribed by: admiralmemo

"Frank the Goat appreciates your call"? Hehehehe...
Tags: books, magic, voiceposts

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